We use research to ask the important questions and pinpoint the most effective solutions.

Our vision fuels our mission.

We are challenging ourselves, and the community, to imagine the potential of the girls who drop out of high school or the women who can't accept pay raises because they might lose work supports and be in a worse financial position. We envision a world where that potential isn't lost.

Research. Focus. Invest. Measure. Research again.

Research-based knowledge about important gender issues drives our statewide programs, allowing us to make the greatest impact for women - economically, socially and professionally. We ask the questions that make a dramatic difference to women and girls in our state. We look at the reasons women are living below the poverty level – how they got there, what keeps them from rising above it, and what roadblocks could be removed so that they can achieve economic self-sufficiency.   

  • We use proven interventions, best practices and specialized research.
  • We directly pinpoint the most immediate needs among women in our community.
  • We use our data to focus our grantmaking and advocacy work.
  • We continue to monitor how our actions are affecting change.
  • We align our goals with strategic community partners who work with us to take action and create impact.

Read the most recent research by WFCO with the support of our STEM Coalition, "Gender Equity in Colorado's STEM Industries: The Case for Focused Workforce Investment," and "This Is What STEM Looks Like!" a guide to get and keep girls engaged in STEM.

What drives what we do? Facts like these:

  • More than 500,000 women in Colorado live in or on the brink of poverty
  • 36.5% of households headed by single mothers with children under 18 live in poverty
  • Women aged 16 and older earn 80 cents on the dollar compared with their male counterparts
  • Closing the gender wage gap would boost our economy by more than $9.2 billion
  • Average annual fees for child care can cost up to 48% of a single mother’s median salary

Data-driven research helps us to better raise the voices of the communities we serve, drive the agenda for change, and inform our grantmaking and public policy advocacy. Not only do we undertake important research, we are leaders in encouraging others to invest in a variety of key issues highlighted by our findings.

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Catalyzing community to advance and accelerate economic opportunities for Colorado women and their families.

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