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Our Collaborations are Partnerships in Prosperity

Alliance for Early Success

Colorado is a state partner in the national Alliance for Early Success network. Clayton Early Learning, Colorado Children’s Campaign, and Executives Partnering to Invest in Children have joined together to craft a long-term early childhood policy agenda for our state. WFCO is pleased to be a member of the local funding collaborative helping to leverage the national investment in this work and an active collaborator helping to advance the groups’ policy goals, in alignment with our policy priorities.

Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative

Colorado welcomes over 2,100 refugees from 30 different countries each year. Roughly 10 percent of Colorado’s population is foreign-born. During this uncertain time for immigrants, refugees, and their children, WFCO is dedicated to supporting and embracing newcomers. Since 2015, WFCO has been a member of the Colorado Immigrant Funders Collaborative. In this group, WFCO works alongside 13 other funders to learn about the needs and assets of Colorado immigrants and refugees and pool funding. Last year, the collaborative invested $365,000 in immigrant-serving organizations across Colorado.


LARC4CO is a group advocating for support to continue access to effective birth control. Over the past five years, Colorado made more progress than any other state reducing unplanned pregnancies. A key factor was better access to effective contraception. WFCO is a funding partner with dozens of other organizations for the effort and, when needed, an active advocacy partner, too.

Prosperity Together

Thirty-two women’s foundations around the country have pledged to improve the economic security of low-income women and their families through collective impact. Prosperity Together envisions a future where women are economically secure. Children, families, and communities will thrive when we ensure access to childcare, education, and employment and earnings opportunities that promote pathways to good, stable jobs and leadership advancement. On November 13, 2015, the foundations announced from The White House a $100 million collective commitment over five years to investing in innovative programs and strategies in communities across the United States that create pathways to economic security

Transformative Leadership for Change

Transformative Leadership for Change is a fellowship program that builds the strength, relationships, and power of social justice leaders in Colorado. WFCO is proud to support their vision of strong, richly diverse, talented, and passionate leaders that emerge, develop, continually grow and thrive, and, together, build power with communities of color in Colorado.

Two Generation Advocacy Network

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is part of the Women’s Funding Network’s Two Generation Advocacy Network alongside The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham, the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona, and the Dallas Women's Foundation. Each organization will receive a grant of $150,000 over three years through the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to learn together and work to help break intergenerational cycles of poverty by addressing the needs of caregivers and their children at the same time. Read the news release.

WomenGive Larimer County

WomenGive logoWomenGive Larimer County is comprised of a dynamic network of women who want to use their financial resources to support legislation, community organizations, and social issues that empower women and girls. WomenGive is a longtime partner and funder of WFCO’s public policy advocacy work. Together, we are creating systemic change for women and their families in Northern Colorado and across the state.

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