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Did you know that since 2011, the amount of venture capital dollars granted to teams of only women has ranged from 1.8% to 2.7% and it currently sits at 2.0%? And, Black female startup founders received just 0.34% of the total venture capital spent in the U.S. in 2021?

You can change that.

As a member of Women’s Impact Investing Giving Circle, your philanthropy will directly expand funding opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

Together, members will determine how to deploy their pooled resources to support social ventures led by and benefiting women while receiving a hands-on education from WFCO partner, Impact Finance Center.

Do You Check These Boxes?

  • You are interested in strengthening your community through collective giving with likeminded individuals.
  • You seek to leverage your charitable dollars for change while developing a greater understanding of community needs.
  • You are interested in learning how to invest in impact projects.
  • You enjoy combining your philanthropic passions and networking opportunities.

If so, download the membership form.

Donors to the Women’s Impact Investing Giving Circle contribute a minimum of $2,000. Please note that members do not earn income or receive return of principal from this fund. Any principal returned, or income earned, at any time from distributions made during your membership are returned to the Women’s Impact Investing Giving Circle fund for future distribution.

Contact Renee Ferrufino, vice president of development, with questions about the Women’s Impact Investing Giving Circle. She can be reached at reneef@wfco.org. 


Headshot of Ranelle Randles

"If you are interested in making an impact in our community by supporting organizations that use social impact to further the progress of women and girls, I urge you to consider joining the third cohort of the COWF Women’s Investing Giving Circle.

The Giving Circle is designed to not only create impact and support female leaders and entrepreneurs, but to teach you the fundamentals of impact investing. The Foundation teams with professionals in the impact investing space to create a learning program and environment that teaches through doing. You will also meet other like-minded women looking to invest in their community." - Ranelle Randles

Are you a social venture looking for capital?

The Women’s Impact Investing Giving Circle seeks projects, nonprofits, small businesses, startups, cooperatives, hybrid structures, and funds to apply for funding. Are you a women founded, women led, or women benefitting organization? Learn how to qualify and apply for funding. Email reneef@wfco.org to learn more.

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