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Research Pinpoints the Most Effective Solutions

Once We Have Our Answers, We Do Something About It

Research pinpoints the most effective solutions for creating long-term change. Not only does our WAGES research guide WFCO’s public policy priorities and grantmaking strategies, we share it to inform the strategies of communities working to create change alongside us – policymakers, nonprofits, businesses, coalitions, and more.

Recent research reports from WFCO and our partners have focused on gender equity in STEM industries, the impact of an increased minimum wage on Colorado women, and the affordability of child care in Colorado.

In 2018, WFCO will seek answers to our questions through research, such as:

  • What is the current economic status of women in Colorado?
  • How do families know when they’ve reached a livable wage?
  • What does it take to reach economic self-sufficiency and more?

Once we have the answers, we take action through public policy advocacy, grantmaking, convenings, communications, and more.

Recent Grantee Research

The Bell Policy Center

Colorado Middle Class Families: Characteristics & Cost Pressures

A new study highlights a scary truth for Colorado middle class families: Fully achieving a middle class lifestyle is impossible for most Coloradans with actual middle-income levels.

The Future of Work: Implications for Colorado Women

Colorado’s economy and Colorado families depend on working women. The future of work will depend on them, too, yet Colorado women cannot always depend on our current workplace policies, regulations, politics, and societal norms.

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