2015 Annual Report

Generations of Impact

WFCO brings together women and girls of several generations. Generational differences in perception around gender equality are striking: older women can see how far we’ve come, while younger women can see how far we still have to go. The confluence of these multiple perspectives informs and guides our work.

Our 2015 Annual Report highlights the impact of WFCO and our generations of donors, partners, and collaborators, including:

Research with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research that found pay equity will boost Colorado’s economy by $9.2 billion

• Successful legislative efforts and creative collaborations among policy partners to help low-income women get ahead by having access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) so they can plan their families and careers and holding on to child-support income as their paychecks grow

• The collective impact of granting to community partners in 16 counties who are helping thousands of girls graduate from high school, supporting single mothers to pursue education and job-training, and connecting women and girls to higher paying career paths

• WFCO’s STEM Coalition’s leadership with the Colorado Education Initiative to boost STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers for women and girls

• Twenty phenomenal and inclusive young women from around Colorado coming together as part of the Girls’ Leadership Council to create change in their own communities

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The Women's Foundation of Colorado thanks our Board of Trustees for their leadership, support, and generosity.

2014 Annual Report 

Together. We are powerful.

These were the words chosen in 2014 to convey the spirit of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado—past, present, and future. They are memorable words, and they inspire reflection.

Who are we? We are an inclusive community of giving – of our time, our talent, our treasure, and testimonial – in support of women and girls. We are many, and Together. We are powerful.

Our 2014 Annual Report weaves together a dynamic history of our founders, trustees, volunteers, and nonprofit partners, and most importantly, those who benefit from our collective work, from the Girls' Leadership Council to Single Moms Succeed, Girls Graduate to women and girls in STEM. The stories showcase the landscape of change in Colorado, where women and girls from all backgrounds, identities, and life circumstances intersect to recreate the world in ways our foremothers could only dream possible. 

We hope this report on our 2014 work will strengthen your commitment to helping the women and girls of Colorado achieve their full potential.

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2015 Annual Report






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