We advance women’s prosperity with our community, philanthropy, and our statewide grantmaking.

  • Research


    High-quality research shines the way forward for WFCO, highlighting underlying causes of gender inequity and informing our grantmaking and advocacy work. Together with our partners, WFCO has released more than 30 research reports since our inception, including four reports since 2017 that have become invaluable resources for the community in creating change for women in Colorado.

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  • Public Policy Advocacy

    Public Policy Advocacy

    Public policy is one of the most powerful tools for creating systemic change. One bill can transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and their families. Key legislation and ballot measures we have helped to pass, alongside our many partners, include equal pay for equal work, paid family and medical leave, and universal pre-k.

    Civic engagement is critical to systemic change, you can use your voice to transform your community! Read The Womanifesto, our nonpartisan voter handbook for everyone who cares about strengthening Colorado, and use our civic engagement guide to make a difference for women, families, communities, and the economy.

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  • Grantmaking


    The Women’s Foundation of Colorado invests in the inherent gifts and talents of women through flexible and holistic resources so they have what they need to be leaders in their lives, their families, their businesses, and their communities.

    There are many ways that WFCO makes grants and invests in our communities and the women who live here. In 2021, we invested nearly over $2.1 million through donor-advised funds, giving circles, WAGES grantmaking, our Women & Girls of Color Fund, and community-led funds.

    In 2021, WFCO has two opportunities in which organizations can apply for funding: WINcome and our Women and Girls of Color Fund.

  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement

    When it comes to breaking through barriers, paving roads to opportunities, and helping every woman thrive, we know we can’t do it alone. WFCO is proud to be part of a rising movement of diverse partners who share this goal and know that we can do more together with collaboration and community engagement.

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  • Gender-Lens Investing

    Gender-Lens Investing

    Gender-lens investing is a form of impact investing, which is investing with the intent of both a financial and measurable, beneficial, social return. Gender-lens investing specifically benefits women by addressing gender disparities, most commonly through three lenses: access to capital, workplace equity, and products and services supporting women. To maximize our ability to use all forms of capital to achieve our mission, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is deepening our gender-lens investing options for donors.

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Did You Know?

We launched WINcome in 2021, a program designed to address the economic realities of women in Colorado. Through grant investments and partnerships, WFCO will demonstrate that individuals can advance economically when they are trusted to make their own decisions about what they & their families need. WINcome grants support Colorado women who participate in programs offered by grantee partners by providing direct cash assistance to supplement, not replace, their income and other benefits they may receive through public and nonprofit programs. WINcome grants also advance systemic changes that support gender, racial, & economic equity for Colorado women and families.

WINcome: Women + Income = Women Thriving


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