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Want to be the host with the most? Here are some ideas to make your House Party the best event in town! Have ideas you would like to share? Email colleenl@wfco.org. 


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2021 Annual Luncheon FAQS

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House Party Host Fundraising Tips

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House Party Food and Fun

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Questions? Learn more about the 2021 Annual Luncheon through our FAQs. For additional questions not addressed below please contact Colleen LaFontaine at colleenl@wfco.org.

 How do I achieve my fundraising goal?

You don’t have to be a fundraising expert to host a House Party! Within your House Party Kit, you will find easy tips and ideas to achieve your fundraising goal. Your goal can be met in a variety of ways – a personal donation, donations from your House Party guests, selling “tickets” to your House Party, or committing to a monthly donation to The Foundation.

WFCO will also provide you with the ways to give to The Foundation – from types of giving programs, giving envelopes, to instructions for giving online. Have a good idea? Please share it with us so we can spread the LOVE!

 As a House Party host, am I financially responsible for my fundraising goal?

WFCO would love for House Parties to achieve their fundraising goals in support of the work of The Foundation, however, hosts are not financially required to achieve the fundraising goal.

 When and where can I host a party?

You can host your House Party anytime from Thursday, October 21 through Sunday, October 31.  Choose a time that is best for you and your guests – your party could be a Saturday brunch, Friday afternoon happy hour, or Sunday lunch. Talk about a long lunch!

House Parties can be held virtually, at your home, in your backyard, at your office, or in any community space welcoming social gatherings. 

 Who should I invite to my House Party?

House Parties are a great way to share WFCO’s work with your network – you can invite 6-10 or even more friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, book club members, friends within professional networking groups, etc. 

Have a friend from afar interested in joining your party? Share your party with guests across the country. Do you know men that care about women’s equality? Every year hundreds of men attend our Annual Luncheon to support the work of The Foundation. Invite the men you know that care about the women in their lives.

 How can I view the Annual Luncheon?

You will be able to view the luncheon on www.wfco.org/2021luncheon starting on Thursday, October 21st at 11:35am until midnight on Sunday, October 31st.

 What technology do I need access to in order to host a party?

You can view the luncheon from your computer, smart tv, or even project it. Don’t know how? Not a problem! Visit our website for information you will need to stream it from your device.  https://www.wfco.org/connect/2021-annual-luncheon-house-party-host-tips

 What do I do after my party?

After your party, collect the giving envelopes you passed out to your guests and mail them back to WFCO in the large envelope included in your House Party Kit at 1901 E. Asbury Ave. Denver, CO 80210. In your House Party Kit there are WFCO thank you cards to send to your guests. Lastly, if you or your party guests have any questions about the work of The Foundation or how to further engage with WFCO, we would love to speak with you! Please reach out to Kaylyn Fern at kaylynf@wfco.org


dollar sign iconHouse Party Host - Fundraising Tips

By hosting a House Party, you are enabling The Women’s Foundation of Colorado to help women across our state get on the pathway to economic security.

 How do I fundraise at my house party? 

WFCO will make it easy for you to achieve your fundraising goal! The Luncheon program will engage and inspire your guests to get involved and invest in The Foundation. During the program, you and your guests will learn about WFCO’s different giving programs like Power of Extended Philanthropy (PEP), Empowerment Council (EC), and Dads for Daughters (D4D), and the impact your donations make. Each House Party Host Kit will come with giving envelopes, pens, and information about how your guests can get involved and make a difference. We also recommend that you have a laptop or iPad available for guests that would like to donate online through our simple website giving form.  

Other fundraising ideas:

  • Ask guests to “buy a ticket” to your House Party.  
  • Let your guests know about your fundraising goal before your House Party. During the party, let your guests know how close you are and when you meet (or beat!) your goal.
  • Tell your story – let your guests know why you support the foundation. Encourage your guests to share their own stories as well – their journey, women who inspire them, and why they are passionate about Colorado women and their families. 
  • Watch the Luncheon! Our inspirational video will highlight our work, the stories of our beneficiaries, and how your guests can help the women and families of Colorado.
  • Use the fundraising envelopes included in your House Party Kit – your guests can complete the envelope to make a cash, check, or credit card donation; sign up for PEP or EC; or request additional information about our programs.
  • Having a dinner, lunch, or happy hour?  Ask your guests to donate what they would have spent to enjoy your event at a restaurant.
  • Honor a Shero they love. Encourage guests to make a donation to WFCO to honor a Shero in their life.
  • Hosting a Virtual House Party? Make it a Virtuous Virtual Party! Ask everyone to donate what they would have spent for a night out to the cause you care so much about.
  • Add some entertainment – make it a karaoke party! Guests can make additional donations for a chance to sing (or pay to not sing!) – use our playlist of girl power songs.
  • Matching gifts! Does your employer match your donations? Check with your company or organization and increase the power of your donation. 
  • Do you have fit friends? Ask them to raise funds for miles or minutes working out, walking, riding, spinning, or even to donate what they used to spend on classes.
  • Best of all – just ask. You care about WFCO – give your friends a chance to care, too.  Most people just need to be asked and then, just like you, they are glad to give and show they care. 

 What happens after the party? 

After your party, collect the fundraising envelopes you passed out to your guests and mail them back to WFCO in the large envelope included in your House Party Kit at 1901 E. Asbury Ave. Denver, CO 80210.

  • Use the Thank You cards included in your Kit to thank your guests for attending your party and for supporting The Women’s Foundation of Colorado.  
  • Share photos and share the love! Don’t forget to tag WFCO
    • Facebook - @The Women’s Foundation of Colorado
    • Twitter – @wfcolorado
    • Instagram - @wfcolorado
    • LinkedIn – The Women’s Foundation of Colorado 

magenta fork, plate and spoon iconHouse Party Food and Fun

Check out these fun food and drink ideas for your party! And download the full list of ideas (courtesy of Ana Kemp) here


Heart Shaped Brie Platter Heart Shaped Bruschetta Platter Caprese Salad Skewer
Susan Brie Anthony Platter (You can order your heart shaped brie here) Heart Shaped Caprese Bruschetta Board Heart Caprese Skewers

Main Dishes:

Cheese Burger Kale Salad Lentil Salad
Ruth Bader Gins-Burgers Kickass Kale Salad A Legume of One's Own - Lentil Salad

Sweet Treats:

Apple Betty Brown Red Velvet Cake Angel Cake
Apple Brown Betty Friedan Eleanor Rosa-Velvet Cake Maya Angel(ou) Cake

Mocktails and Cocktails:

Red wine Sangria Berry Tea Morning Glory cocktail
Margaret Sanger-ia Stand in Soli-Berry Tea Morning Glory-a Steinem

Catering Suggestions: 

Looking to have your House Party catered? Check out some of our suggestions below! 

Name  Location Email  Phone Number
Two Sistah's Eats Denver Metro twosistahseats@gmail.com 303.731.5535
CMe Catering and Events Denver Metro regina@cateringmeetingsevents.com 303.434.9934
Elegant Catering Designs Denver Metro Elegantcateringcolorado@comcast.net 303.367.0344
Feeding The Multitudes Catering Denver Metro feedingthemultitudes@yahoo.com 720.620.1188
Gourmet Away Denver Metro lisa@gourmetaway.net 303.255.7664
Bar Helix Denver Metro christine@barhelixdenver.com 720.449.8587
Welton Street Cafe Denver Metro weltonstcafe@gmail.com 303.296.6602
Intersections Restaurant  Denver Metro N/A 303.963.5909
LeFrench Bakery & Cafe Denver Metro info@lefrenchdenver.com 720.710.8963
Smoke in the City Denver Metro smokeinthecitybystec@gmail.com 720.635.3168
Larimer Catering Denver Metro info@larimercatering.com 303.295.7799
Super Mega Bien Denver Metro superme@supermegabien.com 720.269.4695

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See how to watch the Luncheon with a streaming device



See how to watch the Luncheon using a laptop connected to your TV. 

Music notes icon on turquoise backgroundHouse Party Spotify Playlist

We've put together a great women-power playlist for your party! Click here to open the playlist in Spotify. 


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Learn About Our Luncheon

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s Annual Luncheon is back at the Colorado Convention Center and in your home or office. Join us in person or virtually – either way it is going to be a dynamic, inspirational gathering that should not be missed!

Join us and nearly 3,000 community members for this renowned community building event to be informed, inspired, and a part of our impact. Join us – in person or online and unleash your superpower to create change!

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Nneka McPhee

Jodi Rogers

2021 Honorary Chairs

  • Colleen Abdoulah
  • Jandel Allen-Davis
  • Stephanie Bruno
  • Christine Chin
  • Lucille Echohawk
  • Gracie Gallego and John Schultz
  • Margie Gart

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