We are committed to the needs of women across our state

Through our research, public policy, grantmaking, and regional action committees, we work to create a statewide network of change. By bringing voices from across the state to the table, combining resources, and creating efficiencies we can reach a larger percentage of the population and work hand-in-hand toward systemic change.  We are always seeking to engage people who will help us identify opportunities to inform others about our research findings, build philanthropy with and for women, and educate the community about key issues.

Moving Boulders in Boulder

President of an eponymous consulting firm that provides expertise to nonprofits and philanthropists, Emily Davis has lived in Boulder since 2001 and is heavily invested in helping the city flourish. “This community means a lot to me,” she explained. Emily Davis

In early 2017, she was ready to take on new volunteer opportunities, and began to explore options available in her community. Emily attended a WFCO strategic plan learning session in April. 

Through WFCO, Emily found a partner aligned with her philanthropic values. WFCO has a mission she believes in, and she is investing her time, talent, and treasure with WFCO as an active volunteer, regional leader, and donor. 

“WFCO’s focus on impact, not charity, was exciting to me. Plus, I felt confident The Women’s Foundation has the capacity to effectively engage with the local community.”

Emily, who is also a WFCO Empowerment Council member, is working with Foundation staff and other Boulder volunteers to energize the Boulder regional action committee and unite the talents and skills of the Boulder community with WFCO’s focus and expertise. Regional action committees organize local educational and fundraising events and also build philanthropy with and for women, inform others about our research findings, educate the community, and learn about local issues and concerns. 

“This isn’t just organizing a one-time fundraising event,” said Emily. “It’s a group learning and making an impact together. I’m excited to see where this work goes.” 

Recently, Emily opened a donor-advised fund at WFCO. “I’ve thought about starting up a donor-advised fund my entire adult life, and I didn’t find the best fit until now,” Emily explained. At $2,500, the level to open a fund was accessible to Emily. She intends to focus her fund on one of her core passions: ending violence against women. 

For regional action committee members and volunteers like Emily, WFCO provides an opportunity to work alongside like-minded women from diverse backgrounds to accelerate economic opportunity for women in their hometowns, and in turn, help their hometowns thrive. 

The Women's Foundation of Colorado has regional action committees in the following areas: 

Boulder |

CO Springs |

Northern CO |

Pueblo |

Vail Valley

Colorado Statewide Grantee Map

If you are interested in organizing a local action committee in your area, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Kelly Robenhagen, statewide events and development manager, at

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