Our Single Moms Succeed Initiative

Single moms Can face enormous barriers to economic stability

Why Support Low-Income Single Moms?

We are committed to improving job training and educational opportunities for low-income single mothers to help them achieve economic self-sufficiency. We know when women thrive, so do their families and their communities.

Our 2013 research report, The Status of Women & Girls in Colorado, indicated that Colorado families headed by single mothers have the lowest median annual income of all family types at $26,705, which is well below the self-sufficiency standard — the amount of money needed to support a family without public or private assistance — and our 2015 research report, The Economic Status of Women in Colorado 2015, found that 36.5% of households headed by single moms live in poverty. These factors can make child care out-of-reach for families that need it most; Lack of affordable and reliable child care is one of the top barriers to skills training and educational opportunity. In fact, low-income single moms can spend almost half their incomes on child care. These findings fueled our recent research, community investments and advocacy initiatives.

Why partner with WFCO?


Our research helps us learn more about the causes of the Cliff Effect and other issues impacting women and then lay the groundwork for solutions. In 2014, WFCO partnered with Qualistar and the Colorado Children’s Campaign to investigate child care costs and recommend strategies for approving affordability such as expanding access to the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program and providing incentives for businesses to adopt family-friendly practices that help employees address child care needs.

Public Policy:

Informed by our research, WFCO works to advance systemic change for women and girls to achieve economic self-sufficiency through public policy and advocacy related to current issues ranging from child care access and affordability to gender pay equity.

– In 2014, we supported the passage of and provided grant support for The Bell Policy Center’s work on Senate Bill 14-003, The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) Cliff Effect. This bill established rules and funding to allow counties to implement pilot projects to ease the Cliff Effect in CCCAP to gradually raise co-pays and ease off the program for families that increase their income.

– We teamed up with and supported the efforts of the Colorado Children’s Campaign on House Bill 14-1317, The Colorado Child Care Assistance Program Changes, which reformed the CCCAP program and administration;established minimum eligibility standards for all counties; established minimum reimbursement levels for child care providers; established a sliding scale co-pay and reimbursement system for quality levels of child care; allowed counties to opt out of certain provisions with cause.

Community Investments:

In 2014, WFCO granted more than $142,000 to community organizations that provide opportunities for women to advance their careers through education and job training while ensuring their success in those programs by addressing their families’ needs.


WFCO shares our Child Care Affordability in Colorado research through educational forums with constituents around the state, from universities to other women’s organizations.

Join Us to Support Economic Self-Sufficiency for Low-Income Single Mothers

To learn more about partnering with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado to improve opportunities for single mothers, please contact us.

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