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The Womanifesto

A Nonpartisan Ballot Guide for Everyone Who Cares About Strengthening Colorado


noun: a public proclamation of policy goals, intentions, or views, especially one issued before an election; a policy statement or platform

As a community, when we vote, we shape the future.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO) works for a future where women of every background, age, and identity thrive. How do we do this? As the only community foundation in our state focused exclusively on economic mobility for women, we use several strategies: WFCO informs our community through research. We translate information into action with our grantmaking partnerships. We build more equitable systems for all Colorado women through nonpartisan advocacy.

WFCO created our ballot guide, The Womanifesto, with statewide input from a diverse group of Coloradans committed to elevating opportunities for women to strengthen our state. 



Become a Womanifesto Reviewer

A diverse and representative group of individuals from across Colorado contribute their perspective and expertise to help create The Womanifesto Ballot Guide. Interested in reviewing our next Womanifesto? Contact Louise Myrland, vice president of programs, at louisem@wfco.org


Other Voting Resources

  • The “blue book” is created by the Colorado General Assembly Legislative nonpartisan legislative council staff and overseen by a bipartisan committee of members of the Colorado General Assembly. It provides information on the statewide measures on your ballot and the judges who are on the ballot in your area. Every voter should receive both an English and Spanish version via mail.
  • Many online newspapers, print newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and tv stations create ballot guides. If you visit their website you can find them.

Civic Engagement Guide

How do you make your voice heard? Read our civic engagement guide. This page will help you find resources for voting, research ballot issues and candidates, learn about the legislative process, and engage in advocacy.

Civic Engagement Guide

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