Reflections from the Women's March on Denver

“I am not free while ANY woman is unfree, even when her shackles are different from my own.” - Audre Lorde

We all arrived at the Women’s March on Denver on January 21, 2017, via different paths. But, what we know is that arriving at a place is not securing a place where you belong. To sustain a movement, it is essential that we embrace our differences; have civil, courageous conversations; and link arms of understanding to forge alliances that cannot be detoured from their destinations.

A movement for lasting change is open to understanding the wounds and warriors of women’s HERstory – and honors all of our varied privileges, intersections, and assets for an inclusive narrative.

A movement is the recognition that together we have collective impact. At The Women’s Foundation, we often say “Together. We are Powerful.”

The sea of pink hats and posters seen at the march and our sister marches are symbols. And while symbols are iconic and inspiring, let’s be clear… symbols are not solutions.

In the coming weeks and months, I urge you to listen to diverse voices, ideas, and calls to action with an open mind and open heart so that you find your own place beyond the symbols for sustained action and a commitment to solutions.

How does The Women’s Foundation of Colorado move beyond the symbols to ensure promises for rights and opportunity are fulfilled and prosperity together is achieved?

  • The Women’s Foundation of Colorado fights with facts. One-third of the 1,300 women we surveyed last year – from the peaks to the plains –  reported they barely make a livable wage, despite a rising economy.  And we know many of them and their families are only $500 from a financial disaster.
  • We fight against poverty by fighting for affordable and effective healthcare, including long-acting reversible contraception, known as LARC, so that we can plan our families and careers.
  • We fight for livable wages. Last year, we and our partners won the increase in the minimum wage! This was one bright spot for women on November 8th.
  • We fight for access to affordable child care, education, and job training – essential tools to build the American Dream. We fight to elevate the voices of those who are and have been systemically and historically marginalized.
  • We will fund nonprofit organizations providing on-the-ground support for women trying to meet the basic needs of their families right now in dozens of statewide counties. 

If you want sustainable change, commit today to our ongoing fight for women and girls. We invite you to join The Women’s Foundation in our march forward, not backward.

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