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The Womanifesto 2023

A Ballot Guide for Coloradans Who Want Women to Thrive


noun: a public proclamation of policy goals, intentions, or views, especially one issued before an election; a policy statement or platform

When we vote, we shape the future. The Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO) created the Womanifesto to help create an equitable future for women in the communities in which we live and work. Using your voice at the ballot box can powerfully accelerate gender, racial, and economic equity so that all 2.85 million Colorado women and girls can prosper.

WFCO is the only community foundation in our state focused exclusively on creating more pathways to economic security for Colorado women and girls of every background and identity.

How do we do this? WFCO learns from and informs our community through research. We translate information into action through grantmaking partnerships. We transform systems for Colorado women and their families through advocacy - it’s about people, not politics.

Join us in improving economic outcomes for Colorado women by voting in the Nov. 7, 2023 election. WFCO has taken a position on two statewide ballot measures and one local measure that we believe will advance gender, racial, and economic equity in our state.

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How do you make your voice heard? Read our civic engagement guide. This page will help you find resources for voting, research ballot issues and candidates, learn about the legislative process, and engage in advocacy.

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Ballot Measures WFCO Has Taken a Position On:

*You can read more about each measure and their fiscal notes by accessing the “Blue Book” or the 2023 State Ballot Information Booklet

WFCO Position
Ballot Measure
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 Proposition HH – Property Tax Changes and Revenue Change Measure

WFCO Position: Support

Proposition HH is a measure that was referred by legislators in the 2023 session to be on the ballot this fall. If it is passed Colorado would lower property tax rates for the next ten years. It changes the TABOR revenue cap, allowing it to grow by an extra 1%. The additional  revenue will then be directed to backfill essential services (schools, libraries, fire districts, water districts, and hospitals) that are funded by property taxes. Specifically, it will be directed to reimburse local governments for lost property tax revenue, the Housing Development Grant Fund (5% or $20 million) and the State Education Fund. 

This measure is a longer-term solution to control property tax rates while also finding funding for essential services that are supported by property taxes. It does the following:

  • HH reduces assessment rates for all properties-residential, commercial, agriculture, etc. Residential rates decrease from 7.2% to 6.7% and commercial decreases from 29% to 25.9%.

  • HH reduces the value of each home that is subject to tax by $50k in 2023 and $40k in 2024 for owner occupied homes and multi-family housing.

  • HH allows seniors who are eligible for the senior homestead exemption to move and continue receiving the same tax savings.

  • HH dedicates $20 million per year for rental assistance.

  • HH implements a property tax growth cap, which limits 

WFCO Reasoning:

Given WFCO’s policy priority to reform Colorado’s tax and budget policies to promote equity and allow for sufficient resources to be dedicated to WFCO priorities, we believe that this policy solution will temper rising property taxes and continue to direct funds to support essential services like schools, fire districts, and libraries. This measure is a necessary step towards unraveling the fiscal knot of our state’s tax and budget system. 


Colorado Education Association, Colorado Concern, Gary Community Ventures, Democrats for Education Reform, Colorado Fiscal Institute, Bell Policy Center, Colorado Parent Teacher Association, Great Ed Colorado, Colorado Association of School Executives

A list of all endorsers can be found here.


Tabor Coalition - RejectHH.com, NO ON HH, Taxpayers For A Better Deal, Americans for Prosperity Colorado Issue Committee, HH-NO.com

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 Proposition II – Tobacco and Nicotine Product Tax Revenue Measure

WFCO Position: Support


In 2020, 68% of Colorado voters approved Proposition EE. Proposition EE increased taxes on cigarette and tobacco products and created a new tax for nicotine products such as e-cigarettes or other products used for vaping. The revenue generated supports the creation and implementation of a statewide universal preschool program along with funds dedicated for cigarette, tobacco, and nicotine cessation programs. When the measure was originally presented to voters, it was estimated that $176 million would be collected in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Actual revenues generated were larger than the original amount by $24 million. Due to TABOR, voters must again approve that the tax revenue generated from the tax can be used to support universal preschool. If the voters do not approve this measure, the revenue will go back to the retailers and tobacco companies.

WFCO Reasoning:

Given our past support of Proposition EE and deep commitment to advancing the early child care and early education (ECE) sector, WFCO has taken a support position on this measure. It is important for Colorado to retain the revenue originally approved by the voters to ensure our state has more resources to support ECE in our communities.


Children’s Hospital Colorado, Council for a Strong America, Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC)

A list of all endorsers can be found here.


There is no registered opposition.

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 City and County of Denver - Referred Question 2P – Sales and Use Tax Measure

WFCO Position: Support


Earlier this year the Denver City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that sends a question to Denver voters which asks them to make permanent the 0.15% sales tax to support the Denver Preschool Program. This will be the 4th time voters will decide whether or not sales tax revenue should be directed to support preschool in Denver.

WFCO Reasoning:

Access to early child care and early education (ECE) is hard to find and too expensive. Local measures like 2P are a part of a larger solution to ensure that kids and families throughout Colorado have access to affordable and high-quality ECE programs.


Gary Advocacy, League of Women Voters Denver

A list of all endorsers can be found here.


There is no registered opposition.



Exercise Your Right:

We celebrate a woman's right to vote and acknowledge that even today, not all women, especially women of color, have access to this fundamental right. Voter suppression still happens throughout our country. We must remain vigilant and proactive in exercising this right and ensuring that regardless of background and identity every person can vote. Please visit Just Vote Colorado’s website if you have any questions or experience voter protection issues while voting. 

Register to Vote:

  • Register to vote and confirm or update your voter registration at www.GoVoteColorado.com or complete your voter registration form and mail it to your country clerk and recorder. 
  • Colorado law allows voter registration through election day. Refer to guidance from your county clerk and recorder to make sure you receive and submit your ballot in time so that your vote counts.
  • To register to vote, individuals must be 18 years old by election day (although individuals as young as 16 can register in preparation for their 18th birthdays), citizens of the United States, and have lived in Colorado at least 22 days prior to election day.
  • Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website for more information

Vote By November 7, 2023: 

  • All Colorado voters (whose registration is completed at least 8 days in advance of an election) receive a mail-in ballot. Mailed ballots must be received (not just postmarked) by your county clerk and recorder by 7:00 p.m. on election day.
  • If you are unsure whether your ballot will be received in time, drop it off at a designated drop-off location until 7:00 p.m. on election day.
  • Polling locations are also available for in-person voting. Visit your county clerk and recorder’s website to find your polling place or ballot drop-off location.
  • Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website for more information about mail-in ballots and to check whether your mail-in ballot was received and accepted.

We must remain vigilant and proactive in exercising this right and ensuring that regardless of background and identity every person can vote.

Remind your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to register and to vote. Be sure to share these resources and The Womanifesto with them. 


Other Voting Resources

  • The “blue book” is created by the Colorado General Assembly Legislative nonpartisan legislative council staff and overseen by a bipartisan committee of members of the Colorado General Assembly. It provides information on the statewide measures on your ballot and the judges who are on the ballot in your area. Every voter should receive both an English and Spanish version via mail. It can also be found here.
  • Many online newspapers, print newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and tv stations create ballot online guides. 
  • Similar to WFCO, nonprofit organizations, associations, and other entities also produce ballot guides.


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