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2022 Legislative Priorities

Through a nonpartisan and gender-focused approach to public policy, The Women's Foundation of Colorado uses the following criteria to identify the specific bills we will support to advance Colorado women and their families. 

  • Addresses root causes of poverty and promote gender, racial, and economic equity
  • Reforms Colorado’s tax and budget policies to promote equity and allow for sufficient resources to be dedicated to WFCO priorities
  • Promotes issues and protect rights aligned with the core values of WFCO

With the pandemic still casting a shadow over Colorado's economy and many women and families still struggling to get by, WFCO pinpointed three areas for the 2022 legislative session that meet the criteria outlined above. 

  1. Making work work for women
  2. Increasing women's access to basic needs
  3. Ensuring that women statewide have access to the full range of reproductive health information, care, and justice

2023 Legislative Tracker


Status Key:
Bill is activeActive Bill failed Failed Bill passedPassed signed iconSigned Bill vetoed Vetoed



Active: Introduced, in process
Failed: Will not move forward this session
Passed: By Colorado State House of Representatives and Senate
Signed: By Colorado Governor
Vetoed: By Colorado Governor


Here's What We're Taking Positions on in 2022. Our Three Priority Bills are Highlighted in Pink

 Bill #
What It Does
Why We Have Taken A Position
WFCO Position

Child Care Property Tax Exemption

Allows property owners that lease space to a nonprofit child care center to claim a property tax exemption

This bill is an incremental step in making the provision of child care more affordable and will incentivize property owners to lease spaces to nonprofit child care centers which may result in some of those savings being passed on to the provider. Support signed icon

Early Childhood Educator Income Tax Credit

Creates a refundable tax credit for early childhood educators

Compensation for ECE educators is low, especially compared to the value of their essential work. Access to child care is a necessary work support and many providers are struggling to keep their doors open. This tax credit will retain ECE educators. Support signed icon

Protecting Human Life at Conception

This bill would ban virtually all abortions and impose several criminal penalties against providers, pharmacists, and other health professionals who perform surgical abortion care or dispense medication for a non-surgical procedure.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is committed to economic security for all Colorado women and girls regardless of background or identity. Research clearly links full access to reproductive health resources to economic security. Read Full Reprodutive Health Statement.  Oppose Bill failed

International Medical Graduate Integrate Health-care Workforce

This bill addresses Colorado’s physician shortage with improved licensure pathways for immigrant and refugee physicians.

Communities across Colorado face healthcare worker shortages—often to the detriment of residents who lack access to essential preventative and ongoing care. This bill would add more physicians to the pipeline. Support signed icon

Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products

Creates a sales tax exemption on essential items including diapers, period products, and incontinence products.

Every Coloradan deserves to live with dignity. For far too many, their inability to pay for essential needs including menstrual products, infant diapers, or older adult incontinence products, means they can’t. With this bill, Colorado can take the first step toward changing that by ensuring essential products aren’t taxed. Support signed icon

Special District Early Childhood Development

-Allows an early childhood special district to include all or part of an existing
political subdivision (e.g. all or part of a county, municipality or school district)
-Explicitly states that early childhood special districts may accept gifts, grants and

To bolster the ECE sector, public support is needed. This bill will allow for regions to fully implement special tax districts to establish funding streams for their community. Support signed icon

Induced Termination of Pregnancy State Registrar

This bill would require healthcare providers that perform abortions to collect private information about their patients and report it to the state registrar of vital statistics in the Department of Public Health and Environment, who would then create an annual report to be made available to the public.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is committed to economic security for all Colorado women and girls regardless of background or identity. Research clearly links full access to reproductive health resources to economic security. Read Full Reprodutive Health Statement.  Oppose Bill failed

Abolishing Abortion in Colorado

The bill would outlaw nearly all abortion procedures and attempts to supersede any federal law without regard to the opinion of the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade and other Supreme Court decisions, past and future.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is committed to economic security for all Colorado women and girls regardless of background or identity. Research clearly links full access to reproductive health resources to economic security. Read Full Reprodutive Health Statement.  Oppose Bill failed

Family and Medical Leave Insurance Fund

Supports the establishment of the statewide paid family medical leave insurance program

A long-time support of paid family and medical leave, WFCO supports this bill and a fully inclusive implementation of Proposition 118: Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance Program. Support signed icon

Supportive Services Program Renewal

The program offers up to $400 in support services to Colorado job seekers or newly employed individuals who are actively working on employment goals and do not qualify for or have access to other resources to help them achieve these goals.

The smallest of barriers – a flat tire, a broken cell phone, or a day at child care might prevent an individual from showing up at work. This program will help hundreds of Coloradans to go back to work and achieve their professional goals. Support signed icon

Prohibit Sexual Act Without Consent

Colorado should join the 34 states that use victim-centered terminology in statute: does not consent/without consent.

Juries have the important task of deciding whether a sexual assault was committed - but the language they have to use in Colorado is confusing and outdated. This bill would simplify and focus on consent in statute.  Support signed icon

Mobile Home Park Act

This bill would increase stability for residents, protect the affordability of mobile home parks, and create greater accountability.

We hear directly from stakeholders throughout Colorado that one of their main barriers to economic security is access to affordable and safe housing. Given the rising cost of living, and especially housing in Colorado, it is vital that Colorado supports systems change that allow for diverse types of homes and communities to exist, including mobile home parks. Support signed icon

Modifications to Colorado Works Program

This bill will make several meaningful reforms to Colorado Works/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

Many Colorado women and their families that live far below the poverty level depend on Colorado Works/TANF to get by. These improvements will allow for a more inclusive and impactful use of this important program. Support signed icon

Reproductive Health Equity Act

This bill would establish that every individual has the fundamental right to choose or refuse contraception; every individual who becomes pregnant has a fundamental right to choose to continue a pregnancy and give birth or to have an abortion; and a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of the state.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado is committed to economic security for all Colorado women and girls regardless of background or identity. Research clearly links full access to reproductive health resources to economic security. Read Full Reprodutive Health Statement.  Support signed icon

Cover All Coloradans Act

This bill makes health insurance coverage more accessible for pregnant people and children in families who earn low wages.

Access to healthcare is a key barrier to economic security, especially for women who earn low wages or might be undocumented. Support signed icon

Department of Early Childhood and Universal Preschool Program

Creates the Department of Early Childhood and a statewide universal preschool program

We know that access to inclusive, affordable, and high-quality early care and education allows for children to learn and grow while parents are able to be in the workforce. Support signed icon

Towing Carrier Nonconsensual Tows

This bill expands consumer towing protections and creates the Office of Tow Hearings.

For many years WFCO has heard directly from our grantees that a single fee, fine, or inability to use one’s vehicle can create a barrier big enough to stop an individual in their path to economic security. When a car is towed unfairly or unbeknownst to an individual, it can wreak havoc on their well-being, especially for someone who is a caregiver and/or earning a low wage. Support signed icon

Restrictive Employment Agreements

The bill prohibits certain restrictive post-employment agreements.

The bill is in line with the nationwide trend limiting the use of non-competes. Support signed icon

Updates to Employment Discrimination Laws

The bill amends employment discrimination laws in Colorado.

This bill will modify the Colorado Anti-discrimination Act to prohibit discrimination in employment practices. Support signed icon

Improving Missing Person Investigations

This bill will improve missing persons investigations in several ways, including reducing the timeframe for communicating with other law enforcement agencies after a person is reporting missing from 24 hours to 8 hours for a missing adult an 2 hours for a missing child and requiring more public reporting on missing persons cases involving women from African-American, Black, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Indigenous and tribal, Hispanic, Latino, aging, disabled, and LGBTQ communities.

Women of color are disproportionately impacted by crimes including homicide and domestic violence. A third of the 300,000 women and girls reported missing in 2020 were Black. Four out of five indigenous women experience violent crime. Support signed icon

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives

This bill will establish an office of a liaison for the relatives of missing and murdered Indigenous people to support relatives of missing and murdered Indigenous people and to operate an alert systems, improve trainings for peace officers, and support interagency cooperation for investigations. 

Efforts to find missing women of color are often under resourced and lack adequate urgency to improve outcomes. In cases of missing indigenous women, jurisdictional complications present challenges for interagency cooperation. Support signed icon

Juneteenth New State Holiday

This bill will establish Juneteenth as a state holiday.

While Juneteenth is already recognized as a federal holiday, this bill will recognize the emancipation of African-American slaves for Colorado state employees. Other employers are not required to observe Juneteenth on June 19th but are welcome to offer it to their employees. Support signed icon

Revolving Loan Fund Invest Affordable Housing

This bill will create a revolving loan fund within the division of housing in the department of local affairs to make investments in transformational affordable housing.

For years WFCO grantees have told us that a key barrier to economic security is access to affordable housing. Support signed icon



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