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2014 Ballot Results

Amendment 67

A proposed amendment to the Colorado constitution appeared on the ballot in November 2014. WFCO opposed the measure because although it was framed as a way to protect pregnant women, it would have the opposite result. Amendment 67 was defeated. 

November Ballot Question 2A

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado supported the reauthorization and expansion of the Denver Preschool Program in the November Ballot question 2A.  The Denver Preschool Program makes quality preschool more affordable for Denver families.  Voters approved an increase in Denver sales tax to 15 cents on every $100 spent, from the current 12 cents on every $100 to help reinstate summer programming and address the growing demand for full-day and extended day preschool programming, which are all crucial supports for working parents.  With more affordable access to quality child care, working families, especially those headed by single mothers, are better positioned to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

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