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When Women Thrive, Vail Valley Rises

For many of us, the Vail Valley is a place to work and play—a place to come together with family and take advantage of the abundant opportunities and activities the Valley offers. But for too many women in the valley, simply ensuring their families' basic needs are met is a challenge.

  • Right now, over 2,000 women 18 and older in Eagle County live in poverty.
  • In Eagle County, twenty percent of female-led households with children under 18 live in poverty and twenty-nine percent of Latina female-led households live in poverty.
  • The average cost of infant care in Eagle County for a year is $13,033. Median earnings for women in Eagle are $41,742. That means the average woman in the Vail Valley region would be paying nearly a third of her annual income on childcare alone without the aid of subsidies.
The Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Vail Valley regional committee know that, together, we can do better. We can ensure that more women in the greater Vail Valley region earn a wage that allows them to thrive, not just survive.

Since 2011, the Vail Valley regional committee has granted over $150,000 to local organizations that advance opportunity for women and girls as a result of funds raised in the community, and raised additional dollars to fuel statewide policy change. The power of this generosity, the energy and dedication of local leaders, and WFCO’s research and data expertise create the building blocks for expanded regional grantmaking and increased impact.

The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund, a fund of The Women's Foundation of Colorado

In 2018, we will pilot The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund, a fund of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado. This collaborative philanthropic fund will give community members the opportunity to join together and enrich their region and state through informed, strategic grantmaking.

Vail Valley’s regional committee will continue to lead local fundraising, education, and community-building events. The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund will support unique, community-based needs in Vail as well as catalyze change by fueling cutting-edge research, advocacy efforts, and statewide policy change. Grantmaking will be guided by a diverse and representative group of local community members.

Give today

Why give?

  • The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund is open to gifts of any size from community members who recognize the exponential power of collaborative giving
  • Combine your dollars with other gifts to maximize impact
  • Connect with and learn from others who share a passion for the region while supporting efforts that help women and their families thrive
  • Become part of a vibrant community of local philanthropists
  • Participate in educational opportunities about grantmaking and issues affecting women and girls while gaining a deeper understanding of their community’s needs and strengths

The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund Grantmaking Council

The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund Grantmaking Council will be made up of Vail Valley community members - regional committee members, WFCO trustees, local government representatives, local nonprofit representatives, and people with a rich diversity of experiences living and working in the Vail Valley. All will share a commitment to ensuring that women and their families in the Vail Valley have the opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

This group will review applications from local nonprofit organizations and select grantees.

Grants from The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund

WFCO will release an open request for proposals, inviting applicants from the greater Vail Valley region. All selected grantees should demonstrate a commitment to WFCO’s overarching goal of advancing economic opportunity for women. Grantees will likely take different approaches to this goal and we anticipate that selected grantees will be a diverse group.

How to get involved

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with one of our grantees or if you are interested in joining the regional committee, attending WFCO educational events, being considered for the Grantmaking Council, or other opportunities to connect with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, contact Renee Ferrufino, vice president of development, at reneef@wfco.org.

Partnership information

Interested in partnering on an event in Vail Valley? Contact Renee Ferrufino at reneef@wfco.org.

Regional committee meetings

WFCO's regional committees meet regularly in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado, Pueblo, and the Vail Valley. Contact Renee Ferrufino, vice president of development, at reneef@wfco.org to get involved at an upcoming meeting in your area.

Vail Valley Committee Meetings

Monthly schedule TBD. Check back soon or contact Kelly for more information.

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