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Vail Valley committee members speaking at an eventOur volunteer team in Vail Valley helps to organize educational events, advocacy outreach and community partnerships. Join our growing group of volunteers working to help women and families in Vail Valley by emailing Louise Myrland, vice president of programs, at louisem@wfco.org.

The Women’s Foundation of Colorado and the Vail Valley regional committee know that, together, we can do better. We can ensure that more women in the greater Vail Valley region earn a wage that allows them to thrive, not just survive.

WFCO is Vail Valley

In Eagle County a family with one adult, one preschooler and one school-age child must make $71,674 annually in order to meet basic needs. More than 24 percent of working age households - over 3,725 households - in Eagle County have income inadequate to meet their basic needs. WFCO is working to change that through the power of our community, philanthropy, and impact.

In addition to our education events and volunteer activity, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado has a legacy of grantmaking in Vail Valley. Our local grantmaking committee, the Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund, awards grants to local organizations such as Bright Future Foundation for Eagle County. WFCO invests in Bright Future Foundation’s Ensuring Freedom program, which empowers survivors of violence to heal, become self-sufficient, and thrive by promoting access to safe, stable housing. You can read about all the grants made by the Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund in 2019 on our blog

Since 2011, the Vail Valley regional committee has granted over $150,000 to local organizations that advance opportunity for women and girls as a result of funds raised in the community, and raised additional dollars to fuel statewide policy change. The power of this generosity, the energy and dedication of local leaders, and WFCO’s research and data expertise create the building blocks for expanded regional grantmaking and increased impact.

The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund, a fund of The Women's Foundation of Colorado

The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund, a fund of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, is a collaborative philanthropic fund giving community members the opportunity to work together and enrich their region and state through informed, strategic grantmaking. The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund supports unique, community-based needs in Vail as well as catalyze change by fueling cutting-edge research, advocacy efforts, and statewide policy change.

This fiscal year, the Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund Grantmaking Council has discretionary funds to grant within their community, as a direct result of their fundraising efforts. This opportunity is separate from WFCO’s larger statewide grantmaking process and is controlled locally in Vail. Applicants for these funds should align with The Foundation’s mission of catalyzing community to advance and accelerate economic opportunities for Colorado women and their families. To apply for this funding please review and submit the RFP linked here by December 13, 2019. If you have any questions please contact Alison Friedman Phillips, director of programs at 303-285-2972 or alisonp@wfco.org.

Vail Valley’s regional committee will continue to lead local fundraising, education, and community-building events. The Greater Vail Valley Women’s Fund will support unique, community-based needs in Vail.

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Why give?

  • The Greater Vail Valley Women's Fund is open to gifts of any size from community members who recognize the exponential power of collaborative giving
  • Combine your dollars with other gifts to maximize impact
  • Connect with and learn from others who share a passion for the region while supporting efforts that help women and their families thrive
  • Become part of a vibrant community of local philanthropists
  • Participate in educational opportunities about grantmaking and issues affecting women and girls while gaining a deeper understanding of their community’s needs and strengths

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In order for The Women’s Foundation to represent women and their families in Colorado, it is critical that we hear voices and get feedback from people across the state. You can support our work by sharing feedback on what matters to you and your community. Click here to share your story

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