WAGES: Women Achieving Greater Economic Security

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The Women's Foundation of Colorado integrates the strength of community, the power of philanthropy, and proven programmatic strategies to transform a woman’s ability to achieve greater economic security.

In response to survey results from nearly 1,300 diverse Coloradans on the top priorities for helping women and families across Colorado, we've focused, aligned, and integrated our 2017-2021 strategic plan on improving access to resources that will help women earn livable wages, the gateway to greater access and opportunity that can break the inter-generational cycle of poverty and put an end to the impossible choices a woman must make, such as buying healthy food for her children or putting gas in the car so she can make it to work, and makes possible her dreams of saving for and investing in her family’s future.

Our WAGES (Women Achieving Greater Economic Security) work employs research, public policy advocacy, and strategic grantmaking to help Colorado women earn a livable wage.

Through WAGES we aim to impact Colorado by advancing more women into careers that enable them to meet the needs of their families and invest in their futures. We do this by learning and working with our partners to elevate practices that work and dismantle systems that continue to hold women back.

We fund research to learn and understand more about the issues on which we are focused. In 2018, WFCO will partner with the Colorado Women's College Collaboratory on defining what it takes for women to move from promise to prosperity through a livable wage and the Colorado Center on Law and Policy to expand on the Self Sufficiency Standard.

Policy Advocacy
Partnering with our public policy grantees, Colorado legislators, and our lobbyists, we promote public policies and practices that strengthen economic security for women.

Strategic Grantmaking
We focus our statewide grantmaking on helping to address the needs of women and their children at the same time to build a foundation for family economic security for generations to come.

WAGES is made possible with the support of the Women’s Funding Network (Two-Generation Advocacy Cohort); WomenGive – United Way of Larimer County; The Chambers Fund, a donor-advised fund held at The Women’s Foundation of Colorado; and WFCO’s generous donors.

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Catalyzing community to advance and accelerate economic opportunities for Colorado women and their families.

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