Extending Philanthropy To Help Women And Girls Across The Globe

While working to improve the roles and opportunities available to all women in our own community, we recognize the interconnectedness we have to the national and global community.

The Beyond Our Borders Fund contributes to develop resources that empower disenfranchised women and children so they may partcipate fully in society. By establishing the Beyond Our Borders Fund within The Women’s Foundation of Colorado we:


  • Create the potential for leveraging funds by serving as a leader and motivator within the women’s funding movement
  • Encourage other funders to contribute nationally and internationally
  • Develop new understanding within The Foundation about the issues facing women and girls outside of the USA
  • Create an opportunity for new donors to be drawn to the work of The Foundation
  • Create a group of educated, international philanthropists who can advance women’s and girls’ issues in the developing world
  • Engage more women in international philanthropy


The Nobel Women’s Committee, a coalition of women winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, have launched the International Campaign to Stop Rape in Conflict, to protect women from being the victims of sexual assault in wartime. The campaign’s website is http://www.stoprapeinconflict.org/

Beyond Our Borders has signed their pledge, and encourages supporters to join them in signing the Initiative’s petition.

The text of the petition resolution is as follows: I pledge to call for urgent political leadership and concerted international action to prevent, protect and prosecute to stop rape in conflict.

Beyond Our Borders Member Pam Smith of Edwards, Colo. wrote us the following recently regarding this campaign's website:

“I think you will enjoy your visit to this site. There is a moving video clip about the issue featuring Leymah Gbowee, one of the recipients of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi. The video lasts 4:04 and right next to it, you can sign the petition which will take you just a few seconds. I have signed my name and hope you will, too!”

Pam Smith
Edwards, Colorado

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